Learn Chinese Idioms – 学富五车 – Xué Fù Wǔ Chē

Greetings everyone! Welcome to “learn Chinese Café” Chinese idiom series. Today we are going to look at 学富五车 – Xué Fù Wǔ Chē. The meaning of 学富五车 – Xué Fù Wǔ Chē is to be very knowledgeable. To have as much knowledge as five carloads of books. Let’s break down the Chinese characters in this […]

车水马龙 – Che Shui Ma Long

Greetings everyone! My name is Jonathan Higgins and this is Learn Chinese Café’s Idiom Series. Today we are going to take a look at the Chinese idiom “车水马龙 – Chē Shuǐ Mǎ Lóng”. 车水马龙 – Chē Shuǐ Mǎ Lóng means “heavy traffic” consisting of people and vehicles. Let’s break down the characters in this idiom. […]