A Wide Variety of Choices: What Are the Chinese Languages?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when making the decision to learn Chinese is not understanding that the term “Chinese” does not refer to just one simple unified language. There are over 80,000 written characters in Chinese, although a working knowledge of 4,000 will make you extremely fluent, and even knowing just 1,000 can […]

An Overview Of Basic Chinese Words

Are you thinking about learning how to speak Chinese? This is a language that is spoken by over one billion people worldwide, a language that is broken up into many different dialects. The most prevalent dialect is that which is referred to as standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin or the Peking dialect. Despite being […]

Tackling The Basics to Learning Chinese

Whenever you take on the task of learning a new language, you’re going to run into plenty of frustrations and challenges along the way. When switching from a Latin based alphabet to a character based form of writing, those challenges can become even stronger since there’s not even an easy connection between being able to […]