How To Speak Chinese Fluently Using Google Translate

My pronunciation of Chinese is almost perfect; and this even though I am terrible at studying languages. I am a born and raised Caucasian American. I first started studying Chinese when I was 27 years old. On the phone, a native Chinese almost always mistakes me as a fellow native Chinese. How did I achieve […]

How To Pronounce ch, sh, zh and r in Mandarin Chinese

The video above explains clearly how to pronounce the Mandarin Chinese initials ch, sh, zh and r. The final “en” is used, which sounds like the “en” in the English name “Jen”. The first step is to position your tongue correctly. An ease way to do this is to say the word “pleasure”. Take note […]

Studying the History of Chinese Language

Learning how to read, write, and speak Chinese means you need to understand the language as whole and understand the history that created such an interesting and diverse language tree. One thing to understand about the history of the language is that there’s not just one language. Chinese includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Min Nan (a form […]