FSI Online Chinese Course – Free

FSI Chinese was produced by the Foreign Service Institute. It’s the course that was used to train State Department employees and foreign service employees. It’s available for free in numerous places on the Internet.

Since the materials can be difficult to navigate and students often aren’t clear where to start or where to proceed next, I have laid out all the materials here on this webpage. Just start at the top and work your way down.

Before beginning Chinese learners it’s probably a good idea to start with the course on Chinese pronunciation. It’s the first link below.

FSI Chinese pronunciation and romanization video course:

Download and print course worksheets before starting with the videos.


Pronunciation Lessons

Introduction to Chinese Tones
Tape 01 Exercise 1
Tape 01 Exercise 2
Tape 01 Exercise 3
Tape 01 Exercise 4
Tape 01 Exercise 5
Tape 01 Exercise 6
Tape 01 Exercise 7
Tape 01 Exercise 8