List of Free Online Chinese Language Courses

Here is a list of free online Chinese courses that I have been able to find. I will update this page when I find new material and send out a notice to my newsletter. If you haven’t yet, sign up for my newsletter to the right so you can receive notifications.


FSI Chinese

This is probably the best free Chinese course available on the Internet. It was developed by the foreign service Institute and was used for many years for training foreign service employees, those individuals who would go to work at embassies and consulates in Taiwan, Singapore, and China. The one caveat is that the course is a little dated. However, it is well developed, includes audio clips, and it’s free.

The materials can be a little hard to navigate. Therefore, I have started laying out the course materials on this site here and made videos to walk you through each module of the course. Hopefully, this will save you lots of time and speed up your learning.

You should start with the FSI Chinese pronunciation module.


Learn Chinese EZ

This is another decent free resource. You can access it here.


BBC Learn Chinese

How can you go wrong with the BBC? Access their materials here.


Peking University

I think the folks here might know a thing or two about Chinese. Check here to see if this course suits you.


I will send out a notice to the newsletter whenever I add a course here.