Chinese for Kids Plymouth NH – Where Does Your Family Live – In Mandarin Chinese

How To Ask “where does your family live?” in Mandarin Chinese Below is the a link to the Dialogue video. Practice often! Below that is a download link for the character writing practice sheet for this lesson. At the bottom you will find that character animation gifts showing HOW the Chinese character stroke order. It’s […]

Huanying Book 1 Lesson 3 Character Stroke Order Animation

ma – question particle hĕn – very xiè – thank you zĕn – how me – yàng – style;kind yĕ – also tĭng – very de – particle for possession āi – hey rèn – shi – tā – he men – plural marker bān – class xué – study sheng – zhè – this […]

Huanying Book 1 Lesson 2 Character Stroke Order Animation

Nǐ – You Hǎo – Good Wǒ – I Shì – To be Lǎo – Old (used in “teacher”) Shī – Master (used in “teacher”) Ne question particle Nín you (formal) Zài – again (used in “goodbye”) Jiàn – to see (used in “goodbye”) Dīng surname 玛 – Mă (Phonetic – used in “Maria”) 丽 – lì (Phonetic – used in […]