List of Chinese Language Graded Readers

Chinese Breeze This is one of the better graded reading series out there. This series is divided in the four levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The series is published by the Beijing University press. One of the strengths of the series is that the vocabulary and grammar structures have been carefully chosen from those […]

FSI Online Chinese Course – Free

FSI Chinese was produced by the Foreign Service Institute. It’s the course that was used to train State Department employees and foreign service employees. It’s available for free in numerous places on the Internet. Since the materials can be difficult to navigate and students often aren’t clear where to start or where to proceed next, […]

FSI Chinese Pronunciation Course

  This is the first video of the FSI Chinese pronunciation course. It corresponds to the beginning of tape one. This lesson provides a good introduction to the four Chinese tones. The learner may find it helpful to go through the exercise at the end of the video a few times.