Studying the History of Chinese Language

Learning how to read, write, and speak Chinese means you need to understand the language as whole and understand the history that created such an interesting and diverse language tree. One thing to understand about the history of the language is that there’s not just one language. Chinese includes Mandarin, Cantonese, Min Nan (a form […]

Best Tips To Learning Chinese

Are you interested in learning Chinese as a second language? If you are, you couldn’t have made a better choice. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Not only that, but one in five people one earth are actually Chinese. How cool is it that you will be able to communicate with […]

An Overview Of Basic Chinese Words

Are you thinking about learning how to speak Chinese? This is a language that is spoken by over one billion people worldwide, a language that is broken up into many different dialects. The most prevalent dialect is that which is referred to as standard Chinese, also known as Mandarin or the Peking dialect. Despite being […]